Faith, the Motion Picture 4

Matthew Catricola


Description:Pastor Matthew sets the spotlight on Noah and how his faith is a great example. This is the fourth part of the series. Hope this will spur you into action.

Faith, the Motion Picture 3

Matthew Catricola


Description:Pastor Matthew highlights faith as displayed by some of the greatest "action heroes" of the bible, focus on Abel and Enoch in this series. Take a listen and be inspired.

Faith, the Motion Picture 2

Matthew Catricola


Description:Pastor Matthew visualizes how mothers of the bible placed their faith into action. This is the second part of the series. Take a listen and see how you can do it.

Faith, the Motion Picture

Matthew Catricola


Description:Pastor Matthew opens up the concept of getting your faith into high gear and activated. Take a listen and see how you can do it.

Positioned for Favor through Relationship

Matthew Catricola


Description:Did you ever hear the saying "It's all about who you know." Well it is true, listen to hear about the different relationships we can that can position us for new avenues of Favor.

How to Attract Favor

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the 3rd message in the sermon series Positioned for Favor. Listen as Ps. Matthew takes a look into the story of Esther and how some gained a position of favor and some lost it. Be Blessed!

Who is Your Peace?

Matthew Catricola


Description:Pastor Matthew emphasizes on setting your sights on the source of that one peace we all need. Hope this message enlightens and inspires.

Holding Your Peace

Matthew Catricola


Description:How can you contain peace and keep it within you? Take a listen as Pastor Matthew continues with The Missing Peace series with more uplifting message and how we can apply it in our life.

War on Peace

Matthew Catricola


Description:A message on war and how to fight and win it. Listen and be inspired. This is part of The Missing Peace series.

Peace with God

Matthew Catricola


Description:Achieving that kind of peace can only be possible through God. Pastor Matthew points that it is possible as he continues with The Missing Peace series . Don't miss the touching stories also shared in this message!

Perfect Peace

Matthew Catricola


Description:The second installment to The Missing Peace series, Pastor Matthew opens up about the keys to peace. You'd be surprised on how simple it is. Take a listen.

The Missing Peace

Matthew Catricola


Description:Here, Pastor Matthew talks about The Missing "Peace" and how it figures in your life. Hope it inspires you.

Honor's Reward

Dr. George Black


Description:Here Guest Speaker Dr. George Black speaks to us on the subject of honor and the rewards of honor in our life. You will be blessed and enriched thourgh this impactful message.

Scheduling Margin

Matthew Catricola


Description:Listen As Matthew Catricola explains what having it means to scheduale good margins.

A Father's Resolution

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the final instalment of the series Photoshopping the family picture.

Contrast, Cut, and Clarity

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the second sermon in the series Photoshopping the Family Picture. We hope you enjoy this message, have a blessed day!

Removing the Red Eye

Matthew Catricola


Description:Matthew Catricola Talks about what it means to photoshop the family picture. We hope you are blessed by this amazing sermon.

Reflecting On Your Background

Matthew Catricola


Description:Wht does it mean to reflect on your background. Listen as Ps.Matthew Catricola brings clarity to this topic. We hope you enjoy and are blessed by this awesome sermon.

Picture of a Mother

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the start of our new series, Photoshopping the Family picture." Here Ps. Matthew discuss 5 key points that we see in the biblical description of a Mother.

Overcoming Fear of Being Alone

Matthew Catricola


Description:Are you Afraid to be alone, are you afraid to make a lonely decision. Nearly every Character in the Bible understood this lonliness, lets dive into the Word and hear how others dealt with this

Overcoming Fear of Change

Matthew Catricola


Description:In this message Ps. Matthew talks about one of the greatest changes known in the Bible and how some people took it.

Be Aware or Beware - Friday Night Altar

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the first time Ps. Matthew has preached this message but it is in his heart to write a book on this subject. Hear how awareness was such a key factor in such a key battle in the Bible.

Overcoming the Fear of Heights

Matthew Catricola


Description:God has called us all to go higher, but sometimes that can be scary, listen to this message and see if you can hear when Ps. Matthew Starts preaching on the ladder.

Overcoming Taxing Fears

Matthew Catricola


Description:Tax time... do you get taxing fears... pun intended. There are fears that plague us some of those fears is the fear of lack. For most people this is always a constant threat, what we lack or might run out of. In this message we evaluate what subtracts and what adds up in correlation with our taxing fears.

Overcoming Hindering Fears

Matthew Catricola


Description:There are so many fears and phobias out there. In order to overcome we need to know that we know at least 3 things... find out what they are in this easter sunday message.

Why Share? It's Mine

Matthew Catricola


Description:Why do we need to share, my relationship with God is personal... but is it private? We answer this question and more...

How do I Grow?

Matthew Catricola


Description:How do you grow? There are many ways to answer this, but first lets figure out why we need to grow as we listen to this insightful message on growing.

Why this church?

Matthew Catricola


Description:Why Allentown Victory, there are many Churches out there, but why this one?

Submit, Ya Right!

Matthew Catricola


Description:Submit is a dirty word not only in our culture but particularly the Church. So let's dive in.

Why marriage?

Matthew Catricola


Description:As part of the, Is that what He/he said? series we talk about Marriage and look to answer 3 main questions. Why wait for Marriage? Why, Get Married? Why Stay married? and we also touch a little on divorce and remarriage.

Why separate yourselves?

Matthew Catricola


Description:The Bible talks about us Separating ourselves, but what does this mean, and how does this effect our relationships?

Becoming a Frontrunner

Matthew Catricola


Description:Have you ever though about those "Glory Days" you once had in your walk with God. You are not meant to be looking back and seeing your best days behind you, they are yet ahead, become a frontrunner in your walk with God, make the days that are in front of you count and run with all perserverance the race set before you! This is the conclusion of the Fast Forward Series. Don't miss this stirring message.

Hit the Wall and Keep Running

Matthew Catricola


Description:Runners hit a wall, and when they hit that wall they have their whole body screaming to stop what they are doing. Spiritually we face the same walls in our walk/run with and after God, listen as we hear how others who have gone before us have broken through and how we to can break through and keep running!

Setting the Pace

Matthew Catricola


Description:In order to maintain a pace we need to be consistent. Listen as Pastor Matthew talks about two things we need to be consistent in for our life to be setting the pace God always intended.

Positioned for Acceleration

Matthew Catricola


Description:Feet Planted, Body Pointed. Before a runner takes off he gets positioned for maximum acceleration from the starting line. See how we can get positioned to fast forward in 2012.

The Promised One

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the third sermon in the series PROMISES entitles THE PROMISED ONE. It is our prayer that as you listen to this sermon it blesses and encourages and helps you to reflect on THE PROMISED ONE.

Unity Under God

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the second sermon in the series PROMISES entitled UNITY UNDER GOD. We hope it blesses and encourages you and shows you the key principles behind what it means yo have unity under God

Banking in on the Promises

Matthew Catricola


Description:This is the first sermon in the new series PROMISES, you will learn how to BANK IN ON THE PROMISES that God has for you. We hope this give you an insight into what God has for your life and how he wants to bless you.