Our vision:

  • That we have a bonfire started and spread across Allentown, the Lehigh Valley and beyond. 

What do we mean by "have a bonfire started and spread." I assure you we don't mean start a forrest wildfire-Smokey (and us) would not approve of this vision. Here is what we mean. 

I am sure you have seen, or know, or you yourself might be someone who gets very enthusiastic for a certain sports team.You can see them at the games, they will wear their teams colors, they will jump up in joy and sometimes get overly excited when their team makes good advancement and especially when they score. They will boldly tell others about who they root for any time and any place. They light up when their team is talked about and have a camaraderie with those who root for their team.

This is part of what It means to be on fire for Jesus. You’re not ashamed to say you are a Christian and not ashamed to tell others that you love God. You jump in joy and sometimes get overly excited when you see others grow and when people outside and inside the church come to know God. You feel the hurt when other Christians are hurting. You believe the best in and for people. Most of all you are in a growing relationship with God, you are getting to know Him and His word more and more each day, and it never gets boring, only more exciting. 

We want to see people get on fire for Jesus. Being a “true” Christian is not boring, it is an amazing adventure! When we begin getting a whole bunch of on fire people in one place, then together we are making a bonfire. Then as we begin to move together we will then grow and spread this bonfire into Allentown, the Lehigh Valley and beyond. 

A bonfire will not just happen, but we see this taking place through our mission which you will find when you "meet allentown victory." 

Take a look at "meetings" and we can show you where the beginning phases of this mission and vision are taking place.