We are Allentown Victory and we are glad you met us here. Thanks for taking the time, you won't be disappointed. You can get to know us a bit more through exploring this site, but we hope this site leads to an opportunity to meet you in person. Let's get started.....

  • We put it as simply as this - We are Aggressively Loving, Growing and Going!

To understand what that means a bit more, check out this short clip and description below. 

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1. We are an aggressively loving family!

We have chosen to love, and to initiate love, we are not waiting for you to love us, we are pursuing to love you first. Why? This is what God did with us, even when we didn’t think we needed it or even want it. He showed us incredible love and, amazingly, continues to love us. We want you to see God's love for you. We are an aggressively loving family.

2. We are an aggressively growing family!

There are multiple areas of growth in our life and we are NOT settled with leaving things the way they are, we are going to GROW! Why? Because although we come to God as we are, when we invite Him in our hearts, all of a sudden, we have a desire to be more like Him. We see how AMAZING God is and we grow closer to Him. We then begin to grow more like Him and quickly grow to the place we can lead others to Him. As we lead others to Him, we grow the family in more ways than one. We are an aggressively growing family. 

3. We are Going! 

We believe we are not meant to stand still in this life, but move toward the destiny and mission God has for us. We want to see those who are loving and growing "Go" and fulfill the plan and purpose in their life inside and outside the local Church. God has a mission and plan for each of us, it's time to do it, it's time to get GOING!